MiniToon for Dad

A MiniToon for an Inspiring Teacher

Yadhira immigrated to Montreal from Latin America three years ago. Like all new immigrants who arrive in Quebec, she had to learn to speak French. So, Yadhira enrolled in a Francisation program, where she studied French with other immigrants from all over the world.

At first, speaking French was really tough. Yadihra felt frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t even ask simple, everyday questions in French. When she understood just how hard it would be, she felt discouraged.

Still, she kept studying. In Francisation, she was moved up to a new level. Her new teacher, Jean-Paul, provided extra support and encouragement. Not only did he help her to learn the language, he gave her opportunities to interact with French speakers, inviting her into his own home to meet his family.

Yadhira quickly bonded with Jean-Paul’s family. Seeing them made her realize just how challenging moving to a new country had been for her. It wasn’t only learning French—she’d also left behind her own family and friends. Thinking about how far she’d come, she was more thankful than ever for Jean-Paul’s help. As time passed, Yadhira began to think of Jean-Paul as a second father.

She wanted to show him just how much his support meant to her, and that’s when she contacted us to create a MiniToon that looked like Jean-Paul. Yadhira chose to customize Jean-Paul’s outfit, since she knew her former teacher was as passionate about golf as he was about teaching French. She also included a personal note thanking him for all he’d done for her.

The surprise couldn’t have worked out better. When Jean-Paul received his personalized gift, he was delighted. He became emotional as he read the beautiful quote Yadhira had written for him. It’s a moment that’s sure to last forever in Yadhira and Jean-Paul’s memories. But it’s also a moment that we’ll remember here at MiniToon.

MiniToon “Grandpa”

MiniToons for Five Beloved Grandchildren

One day, a woman contacted us to ask about a special present for her husband. She explained that she and her husband had four children and now, five grandchildren. The problem, she said, was that all five grandchildren always wanted to spend time with their beloved grandfather. On the weekends, they all wanted to stay over at their grandparents’ house. When they were together, they jostled for their grandfather’s attention.

The grandmother said her husband wanted to give each of his grandchildren something to help them remember that he loved them all, equally. He told his wife he wanted a gift that would remind his grandchildren that he was always with them. Of course, it also had to be something the kids could play with. He hoped he could give them each something personal—something unique that the children would cherish for years to come.

It took the grandmother a long time to find a gift that met all of her husband’s criteria and would be suitable for both their grandsons and their granddaughters. But, in time, she stumbled upon MiniToons, and fell in love with the idea of presenting a miniature, plush version of Grandpa to present to the kids. It was perfect. The MiniToons could be personalized with each of their grandkids’ names, and the kids could play with them and sleep next to them, too.

When she got in touch with us, she emphasized that the most important part of the gift was that it was an expression of how much her husband loved his grandkids. She decided that to reinforce this love, she would include a personalized dedication in addition to the name of each grandchild.

Without speaking to her husband, she decided to order five MiniToons. She sent us a photo of her husband and the names and quotes for each child. Days later, when we sent her a picture of the MiniToon for her approval, she couldn’t believe the resemblance—even the shirt the MiniToon wore was her husband’s favourite.

She decided to organize a family gathering for the surprise. A few days later, she told us it was a huge success—her husband was taken aback to see his miniature likeness, and thanked her for finding the perfect present. The kids, meanwhile, where overjoyed. Now, they could keep their “Grandpa” with them always. Their parents were happy, too, and hoped this meant their kids would no longer fight for their grandfather’s attention.

The grandmother said the MiniToon was much more than a plush toy. It was her husband’s legacy. Deep down, she knew that this miniature version of her husband would keep the kids company even when her husband was no longer around.

Here at MiniToon, we were honoured to have the opportunity to create such a unique gift for this multi-generational family. This, along with the surprise and joy the kids felt when they received their gifts, is the greatest reward for our work.

MiniToon actress

A MiniToon for an Aspiring Actress

“I’m a film fanatic—I love watching the Oscars and tracking the films and nominations each year. Last year, I was rooting for Brie Larson for Best Actress. I thought her performance in Room was phenomenal. When the Best Actress category was announced, I listened as Brie’s name was called. I was thrilled! Seeing her walk to the stage to take her award, I fell in love with her gown. I fantasized about being able to wear a similar gown myself. One day, I thought.

The next day, I read about Brie’s gown. It was Gucci, and tailored to fit. The silver belt was studded with real pearls. Later, I watched an interview with Brie. She said she felt like a princess in the dress. Just putting it on had boosted her confidence.

Time passed. One day I heard about MiniToons, and I saw online that they could create a miniature plush toy with my face and clothing. The idea came to me in an instant: my face, Brie’s dress! MiniToon made it happen. Now, I feel like an Oscar winner, too.”

Thank you MiniToon for making my dream come true!

MiniToon wedding gift

MiniToons for Newlyweds

The MiniToon team was once approached by a customer whose best friends were about to get married. He wanted to give them something unique to help them remember their special day, and decided that a pair of bride and groom MiniToons would be the perfect keepsake. The MiniToon bride would be wearing a wedding dress and the groom, a tuxedo.

The friend decided to contact the soon-to-be newlyweds, asking them each to come up with a special message for their future spouse. The messages were written on the back of the MiniToons. The friend didn’t tell them what the message was for, though, keeping the gift a secret.

Their wedding day arrived. When their friend presented the MiniToons to both the bride and groom, they were beyond surprised at the miniature versions of themselves. They read the words written on the back of each MiniToon, knowing that that message of love would stay with them forever. The MiniToons served as a wonderful memento of their happiest day.

Without a doubt, one of the best presents they received that night were the MiniToons, because of the sentimental value of seeing themselves always represented together with a romantic love quote dedicated to each other.

If you are looking for something highly original to give as a present to that special couple getting married, without a doubt MiniToon is a great option for your wedding present.