MiniToon actress

A MiniToon for an Aspiring Actress

“I’m a film fanatic—I love watching the Oscars and tracking the films and nominations each year. Last year, I was rooting for Brie Larson for Best Actress. I thought her performance in Room was phenomenal. When the Best Actress category was announced, I listened as Brie’s name was called. I was thrilled! Seeing her walk to the stage to take her award, I fell in love with her gown. I fantasized about being able to wear a similar gown myself. One day, I thought.

The next day, I read about Brie’s gown. It was Gucci, and tailored to fit. The silver belt was studded with real pearls. Later, I watched an interview with Brie. She said she felt like a princess in the dress. Just putting it on had boosted her confidence.

Time passed. One day I heard about MiniToons, and I saw online that they could create a miniature plush toy with my face and clothing. The idea came to me in an instant: my face, Brie’s dress! MiniToon made it happen. Now, I feel like an Oscar winner, too.”

Thank you MiniToon for making my dream come true!