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MiniToon for Dad

A MiniToon for an Inspiring Teacher Yadhira immigrated to Montreal from Latin America three years ago. Like all new immigrants who arrive in Quebec, she had to learn to speak French. So, Yadhira enrolled in a Francisation program, where she studied French with other immigrants from all over the world. At first, speaking French was […]

MiniToon “Grandpa”

MiniToons for Five Beloved Grandchildren One day, a woman contacted us to ask about a special present for her husband. She explained that she and her husband had four children and now, five grandchildren. The problem, she said, was that all five grandchildren always wanted to spend time with their beloved grandfather. On the weekends, […]

MiniToon actress

A MiniToon for an Aspiring Actress “I’m a film fanatic—I love watching the Oscars and tracking the films and nominations each year. Last year, I was rooting for Brie Larson for Best Actress. I thought her performance in Room was phenomenal. When the Best Actress category was announced, I listened as Brie’s name was called. I was […]

MiniToon wedding gift

MiniToons for Newlyweds The MiniToon team was once approached by a customer whose best friends were about to get married. He wanted to give them something unique to help them remember their special day, and decided that a pair of bride and groom MiniToons would be the perfect keepsake. The MiniToon bride would be wearing […]